Tŝilhqot’in Ch’ih Yaltɨg / Nenqayni Ch'ih Yaltɨg We’re speaking the Tŝilhqot’in language.


Here are some Tŝilhqot’in greetings by Bella Alphonse.

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1Hunilht’ih?How are you (1)?
2Hunelht’ih?How are you (plural)?
3ʔAbenaneŝGood morning.
4ʔAbenaneŝ guzun.It’s a good morning.
5Seʔanint’ih hanh?Are you (1) fine?
7Seʔanaht’ih hanh?Are you (plural) fine?
9Seʔanest’ih.I am fine.
10Lha seʔast’ih.I am not fine.
11Qwes ʔasinlagh.I have a cold.
12Setŝi denidah.My head hurts.
13Deneghesda.I have been sick.
14Suninaneŝtŝ’ed.I am in better health now.
15Su ghiti.I slept well.
16Lha su hestil.I did not sleep well.
18Gwetaghunt’i hant’a.Farewell
19Sechanalyagh.I thank you (1).
20Sechanalhyagh.I thank you (plural).
21Nexwechanalyagh.We thank you (1).
22Nexwechanalhyagh.We thank you (plural).
23Nanaghiyah.I have come to you (1).
24Nanenuŵesʔin.I will see you (1) again.
25Naneneghulʔin.We sill see you (1) again.
26Nanexweneghulʔin.We will see you (plural) again.
27Nanexwenuŵesʔin.I will see you (plural) again.
28Nents’in dini hanint’ih?Where are you from?
29Nendeŝniqi nendan hajint’ih?Who are your parents?
30Hunelhts’edinh?What are you called?
31Neghuzi nendin hant’ih?What is your name?
32Hugulhyad?What’s going on?
33Hugwelt’in?What’s going on?
34Yedanx danh lha nanenisʔin.I haven’t seen you in a while.
35Nixiyah gunest’in.I am happy about meeting you.
36Sustel qungh nateghunja.May you (1) travel home safely.
37Sutsel qungh natuwht-as.May you (2) travel home safely.
38Sutsel natuwhdilh.May you (3 or more) return safely.
39Gunest’inI am happy.
40Gwa gunest’in.I am happy about it.
41Na gunest’in.I am happy for you (1).
42Nexwa gunest’in.I am happy for you (plural).
44Lha gust’in.I don’t want to; I am not happy about it.
46Deʔax.No (in response to a yes\no question).
47XadedahI don’t know.
48ʔEghuyan.You (1) may eat.
49ʔUshan.You (plural) may eat.
50Neʔeghudan.Let’s eat.
51ʔEtasinlh.I am going to eat.
52ʔEtaghanyinlh.You (1) are going to eat.
53ʔEtashinlh.You (pluaral) are going to eat.
54Coffee hendan.(You 1) drink coffee.
55Coffee teghandinlh hanh?Are you (1) going to drink coffee?
56Coffee hendinsh hanh?Do you (1) drink coffee?
57Coffee hahdan.(You plural) drink coffee.
58Coffee tahdinlh hanh?Are you (plural) going to drink coffee?
59Coffee hahdinsh hanh?Do you (plural) drink coffee?